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MTB Tour Operators, Guides, Skills Instructors & Coaches

Scotland is recognised as one of the best destinations in the world for mountain biking.

MTB Tour Operators, Guides, Skills Instructors and Coaches are vital in developing mountain biking in Scotland as their passion for the sport encourages more participation and helps the industry grow.


In 2014, we developed a set of guidelines with Wild Scotland and Scottish mountain biking businesses.

These guidelines support the delivery of good practices to MTB customers, the land managers and other visitors with whom we need to interact with responsibly while respecting the fantastic landscapes in which we operate.

We hope these guidelines will help businesses understand the quality of service which they should deliver to be safe, legally compliant, and provide amazing experiences.

Consequently, we hope these guidelines help riders/customers trust our industry and set a level of what they can expect when they engage with a Scottish mountain biking business.

The document follows on from the guidance on responsible mountain biking developed by DMBinS – Do The Ride Thing – which takes its advice from the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and interprets it through peer review for mountain bikers.

The Guidance

1. The Fundamentals

2. Responsible Mountain Biking

3. Types of Mountain Bike Businesses

4. Further Information

Good Practice Guide

Good Practice Guidelines for Mountain Bike Tour Operators, Guides, Instructors and Coaches operating in Scotland.


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