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Rest & Relaxation

We all enjoy a bit of R&R. For mountain bikers, it’s vital.

A full of day of riding challenging trails and rough terrain can put tremendous strain on the body. So, setting themselves up for the day and post-ride recovery are essential for mountain bikers.


How can you help?

Just as you would cater to all your guests, rest & relaxation is key.

By providing comfortable spaces where they can rest their weary heads (and legs) and serving up delicious food that will help them recover and fuel up, you’ll be giving mountain bike guests all they need to rest up, avoid injury and enjoy their trip.

Cafés & Restaurants: Suitable meals and snacks are an essential component of any successful bike ride. From those making a mid-ride snack stop to ravenous riders looking to replace the many calories they've burned, providing a broad selection of snacks and dishes is the way to go.

Rest & Relaxation Essentials

You will already be providing many, if not all, of the items listed below. However, these basics will help your mountain bike guests rest and get themselves set up for another day of adventures (or just the journey home).

You can consider providing:

  • A communal space for guests to relax and unwind

  • A comfortable bed

  • Breakfast options incorporating slow-release carbs (porridge, omelettes, etc.)

Level Up!

If you want to give your guests even more R&R options, how about some off-bike recuperation?

  • High-protein snacks for their post-ride return

  • Sports massage (either in-house or recommending a trusted provider)

  • Hearty evening meals with plenty of high-quality carbs and proteins (we also recommend providing a good vegan option on the menu)

  • Selection of local craft beers, spirits (local gins and whiskies) and non-alcoholic drinks for a relaxing after-dinner tipple

More Information

Need more inspiration? Discover how Tontine Hotel's customer-centric approach and special touches provide a restful and recuperative space for its mountain bike visitors.

Or head over to our self-assessment questionnaire to see how well you're catering to MTB tourists.

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Self Assessment Tool

Our handy questionnaire allows you to quickly evaluate how you currently cater to MTB tourists, while identifying any gaps and the opportunities that may help enhance your offering.