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Bike Maintenance

By providing a few essentials, you can help ensure your guests enjoy their stay with you without worrying about mechanical problems.

Whether entry-level or expert, bikes can take a beating on the trails. Maintaining mountain bike components ensures that the bike runs smoothly for as long as possible and ensures the rider's safety.

Though a mechanic’s workshop worth of equipment won’t be required, riders appreciate having access to the necessary tools and equipment needed to maintain and fix their bikes, if they have left home without appropriate tools to do so.


How can you help?

Most experienced riders will arrive prepared. However, just like packing for a holiday, it’s easy to leave something behind by accident.

The full range of kit to cover every imaginable scenario often isn’t required, but by having a few essentials on hand, you can help ensure your guests enjoy their break and are able to repair any minor issues, allowing them back out on the trails the following day.

Bike Maintenance Essentials

Likely, your guests will already have the know-how to fix issues, so keeping a stock of essential bike maintenance tools is probably all they’ll need. This can include:

  • A track pump for inflating tyres

  • A basic puncture repair kit

  • Rubber gloves and microfibre cloths to avoid oily bikes (and hands!)

  • A small selection of screwdrivers and hex keys (often available as a multi-tool)

Your local bike shop can help you with these items.

Level up!

For riders who would happily work on their bike from dawn until dusk, or for those more intensive repair jobs, you might want to think about adding a few extras, including:

  • A bike stand for easier access

  • Tyre levers

  • Wire cutters and pliers

  • A bike toolbox

  • Selling spare inner tubes, chain links and lube

Your local bike shop can assist you in sourcing these items.

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