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Local Knowledge

Most experienced mountain bikers will arrive primed and ready to take on the trails.

Though they may have a reasonably detailed plan, there’s always the possibility of uncovering hidden gems. And who knows more about where to find those than a local business?

Whether your guests plan to visit the local trail centre, explore an important historical site, connect with nature, or just want to know where they can grab a good cup of coffee, providing nuggets of local information can greatly improve their overall experience.


How can you help?

You may already know a lot about mountain biking and feel comfortable sharing your endless wisdom with your visitors. Fantastic!

However, there's no need to worry if you're not a mountain biking expert. Giving some essential information and signposting trusted resources can still go a long way.

Essential MTB Knowledge

Even if you don't know much about your surrounding mountain bike trails, providing information about local landmarks, great eating spots, and local facilities will really benefit your visitors.

It can also help to have some essential resources on hand that they can reference themselves, for example:

  • Maps of mountain bike trails and road routes

  • Flyers for local restaurants, cafés and takeaways

  • Information on local bike shops and bike hire facilities

  • Information on local guiding companies

Level up your MTB knowledge!

Knowing about surrounding trails, including difficulty levels, length of the ride, etc., can prove very useful for novice and expert riders alike.

Beyond this, you might also consider:

  • Learning some interesting facts about local landmarks and historically exciting areas (bonus points for any obscure ones they may not have read in guide books!)

  • Speaking with your local bike shop to understand what services they offer and additional knowledge they might be able to share with your guests

  • Keeping a stock of mountain biking magazines and literature in your communal areas

  • Downloading the Trailforks App which provides interactive trail maps, custom-designed for a selected activity and area

More information

Visit our Destinations section for useful information about key mountain biking locations across Scotland that you can share with your guests.

And don't forget to use our self-assessment tool to see how well your business is catering to mountain bike tourists.

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Self Assessment Tool

Our handy questionnaire allows you to quickly evaluate how you currently cater to MTB tourists, while identifying any gaps and the opportunities that may help enhance your offering.