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About DMBinS

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS) is a small team of extremely enthusiastic and passionate mountain bikers who firmly believe that they can make a lasting impact improving mountain biking in Scotland.

They are responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Scottish Mountain Bike Strategy and the many of the actions within it, and are proud to be part of Scottish Cycling.

With experience in tourism, mental health, marketing, and a range of other disciplines, the group works with trusted partners to deliver sustainable and responsible mountain biking in Scotland and promote our country to riders both nationally and internationally.

Trustees of the Scottish Cycling Charitable Foundation (SCCF) oversee the management of the Scottish Trail Fund and the Scottish MTB Health Fund.

Over the years, the activity of DMBinS has been funded by a number of funding partners including the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Forestry and Land Scotland, Local Authorities, EU, destination management organisations, and others including commercial partnerships for specific projects.

Learn more about how DMBinS are funded and the DMBinS team.

Self Assessment Tool

Our handy questionnaire allows you to quickly evaluate how you currently cater to MTB tourists, while identifying any gaps and the opportunities that may help enhance your offering.