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Knowing their bikes are safe and secure gives peace of mind to riders so they can focus on enjoying their Scottish mountain biking experience.

Bike storage grants are available through DMBinS and can provide the funding for local businesses to build a lockable and secure storage area.

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Free bike locks for guests?

Bike locks can be purchased relatively inexpensively, depending on the level of security you want to provide.

CCTV installed in the storage area?

Installing CCTV in your bike storage area not only deters vandalism and theft, but can also help to lower your insurance premiums.

Any outside doors – steel reinforced, fitted with alarm, etc.?

Steel reinforced doors provide an extra level of reassurance for mountain biking guests using the storage area, and alarms can be fitted that only alert the property owners or communicate directly with the local police.

A recommendation for all guests to be part of the Veloeye bike safety community?

Veloeye is a free service where cyclists attach personal QR code stickers to their bikes which can then be tracked by the Veloeye community. App users can report their bike as stolen within the app and if the bike is found by a member of the community, they can notify the owner of the bike's location.


Mountain bikers will often return home caked in mud and wiped out from a day on the trails. When they do, it can make a real difference to their experience if they feel welcome, regardless of the state they are in.

By having some essentials at the door, such as buckets for wet kit and some clean towels for drying off, guests can start to relax from the second they walk in the door.

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Showers immediately available as you enter the accommodation?

Providing shower facilities where mountain bikers can immediately clean themselves up means less mess throughout the rest of your premises.

Easy-to-clean flooring and upholstery in areas likely to get dirty?

Not just for outdoor types, ensuring your flooring and upholstery is easy-clean means that any spills and stains aren't a disaster. In your high traffic areas, luxurious leather and vinyl laminate provide a welcoming environment without the increased maintenance.

Receptacles for wet kit (e.g. plastic buckets)?

Available for just a few pounds, plastic buckets allow guests to carry their wet kit to a drying room without leaving a trail of water on the way! Local hardware stores and supermarkets will carry plenty of options of all sizes.

Individual lockers?

Purchasing metal storage lockers can prove very useful for mountain bikers looking to store kit, but non-mountain biking guests may also find these useful so be sure to let them know these are available.

USB port chargers in rooms to recharge gadgets?

Consider replacing your regular wall sockets with built-in USB port versions so guests have more options for charging without you having to install additional ports.


Designating a specific area for MTB tourists to hose down their bikes after a long day on the trails can seem like a big commitment.

However, if you can accommodate an area of just 4 sqm, and provide a hose and some sponges, you'll have yourself some suitable bike washing facilities.

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A range of cleaning brushes?

Having a brush on hand to clean off ground-in dirt and grime can be really handy. And providing a range of specialist brushes that can clean wheels, spokes, chains and hard-to-reach areas can be a real game-changer.

A range of bike lubes and water displacer products available to use or buy?

Water displacer products and chain lubricants ensure that mountain bikes stay in tip-top condition - well-oiled machines free from rust and corrosion. Consider having these items available on hand, or for sale.


Providing a laundry service for mountain biking tourists can really add to their experience, particularly with those staying for multiple days.

However, even small changes like adding a dehumidifier to a storage room to dry wet kit can help guests avoid the discomfort of dawning damp-smelling clothes on their next adventure.

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Washing machines for dirty kit?

To prevent overuse of facilities, consider charging a small fee for use of washing machines and tumble dryers.

A drying area with a dehumidifier?

As long as you have a dry, warm room already on the premises, adding a dehumidifier could be all you need to help guests dry their kit overnight. You could also consider heated rails to speed up the process.

Indoor lockers with individual keys?

Standalone lockers can be purchased through office furniture stores or online. Just remember to anchor them to the wall so they're safe and secure for use.

An overnight washing and drying service?

If you really want to go all out, a chargeable overnight washing and drying service can provide you with extra income and make your guests feel well looked after.


You don't have to be an expert in mountain biking to provide some helpful tools that your MTB guests will thank you for.

Providing a small selection of screwdrivers and hex keys can be enough for riders to get going again. And specialist bike maintenance equipment such as puncture repair kits can be found in your local bike shop.

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A bike repair stand?

Maintenance stands can really help out riders by keeping their bike stable while trying to fix hard-to-reach elements. Bike stands can be purchased relatively cheaply from local bike shops and a well-made stand will be able to be used for MTB tourists for years to come.

A track pump?

Otherwise known as a floor pump, this essential piece of mountain biking equipment allows riders to inflate their tyres with minimal effort. Track pumps can be sourced from local bike shops. More advanced models can handle multiple tyre sizes so it may be worth investing if you have lots of mountain bikers coming through the door.

A shock pump?

Suspension forks minimise the shock generated by impacts and rough mountain biking terrain. To keep everything balanced, a mountain bike shock pump is a necessity. Local bike shops will have a variety of shock pumps suitable for different bike specifications.

Spare inner tubes, chain links & lube for sale?

Local bike shops will normally have everything riders need. But if riders are setting off early, they may not have time to drop by and stock up. Having spare inner tubes, chain links and lube for sale can be a lifesaver for mountain bikers. However, make sure you only buy a few essentials to begin with to avoid stocking too much.


Most mountain biking tourists will already have a plan for which trails they'd like to explore. However, some local tips and tricks can enhance their experience.

The DMBinS Scottish MTB Ride Guide is a great place to get started, and detailed trail maps can be found online.

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Detailed maps of local mountain bike trails, road routes and family leisure cycle routes?

Consider linking up with local trail centres and mountain biking organisations to source a few trail maps to keep on hand.

An understanding of the topography of the land and any historically interesting areas which can be accessed by bike?

If you're unsure about topography, you can partner up with a local cycle tours provider who may be able to provide you with information and some pointers for your guests.

An ‘in-house’ mountain biking/cycling champion who guests can meet with to discuss routes, trails and the area?

Providing an in-house mountain biking/cycling champion who can meet guests will provide a special touch to a mountain biker's trip. Event organisers may be able to steer you in the right direction here - visit for full listings.

'Do The Ride Thing' guides and leaflets to help guests understand responsible mountain biking information?

The 'Do the Ride Thing' guide gives guests all the information they need to respect other trail users and the environment around them, as well as what to do in an emergency. Visit for more.

Bike magazines and literature?

A range of cycling magazines can be sourced from your local newsagent or supermarket. Or you could pick up some beautiful coffee table books that everyone can enjoy.


It's not essential for businesses to know absolutely everything there is to know about mountain biking. However, it helps to have some trusted partnerships that your guests can take advantage of.

Find a local bike shop (preferably one that offers bike and e-bike hire), cycling tour operator and a reputable MTB skills instructor and you'll be able to offer MTB tourists everything that they need.

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Luggage transfer to the guest's next destination?

Get in touch with local taxi companies to see if they can offer luggage transfer. Many will have larger vehicles to accommodate excess luggage (if your guests plan to break their bikes down to travel) and some may have bike racks.

Link-ups with local guides or skills instructors to form packages?

Partnering with local, independent guides may give you more options in terms of developing packages together that will give MTB tourists something a little bit different.

Promotion of bike hire opportunities?

Bike shops all over Scotland offer mountain bike hire options, and they'll also usually be able to offer guests advice on the best and safest routes for their particular skill level.

Promotion of bike events in the local area?

There are several mountain biking events taking place throughout Scotland across the year, some of which offer local business recommendations. Speak to event providers about how you can potentially partner up and cross-promote.

Our Useful Resources page contains a selection of images for you to download and use in your marketing materials.

Or how about embedding one of our YouTube videos onto your website to put MTB tourists right in the heart of the action?

A link to the 'Ride Guide' on your website?

Our 'Ride Guide', in partnership with Decathlon, contains information about preparing for a day on the trails and highlights from key Scottish MTB destinations. Visit to download your copy.


Though your mountain biking guests are outdoorsy, there's nothing quite like some home comforts to help them relax and unwind.

As well as good food and drink, consider options that may be specific to mountain biking tourists, for example, offering sports massage.

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Off-bike relaxation (e.g. pool, steam room, hot tub, sauna, etc.)?

Providing a serene environment for mountain bikers to relax in can help to ease sore muscles, but that doesn't mean you have to build a whole spa. An outdoor hot tub will be a welcome addition to their stay.

Sports massage or beauty treatments?

Many massage therapists work independently and so it may be an idea to offer them the hire of a room on your premises where they can offer sports massage for your MTB guests as well as other services for non-mountain biking guests.

A selection of local beers, soft drinks and whiskies?

Stocking beers and whiskies from local brewers and distillers may provide guests with new options to try. There are also plenty of businesses throughout Scotland who make delicious tonic waters and sodas.

A restaurant serving good quality evening meals and breakfasts aimed at the cyclist?

Slow-release carbs are perfect for a pre-ride breakfast so porridge, wholegrain breads and cereals are great options.During the ride, foods with a high glycemic index likes cakes and cookies will keep energy levels up, so a quick stop at a local café for a sweet treat will give riders a boost.Carbs and lean protein are essential for recovery after a day on the trails, so meals based around white meat, fish or pulses are ideal.

As you'll see in our advice section, there are many ways that local businesses like yourself can improve the customer experience for mountain bikers. And depending on the level of investment you want to make, there are options for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Delve into our business advice sections for practical tips on how you can cater to mountain bikers. And if you're interested in investing in bike storage, visit the DMBinS website for more information on grants and funding.

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