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Secure Bike Storage

When it's time for your guests to rest after a long day, they want to know that they can store their bikes safely and securely overnight.

Providing bike storage is a crucial aspect of delivering an excellent level of service and will help differentiate your business.

By designating an area for this purpose, you’ll not only be providing reassurance for mountain bikers but also potentially for guests participating in hiking, skiing, golfing, and any other outdoor activity you can think of.


How can you help?

It may seem like a large outlay to provide a specific space for bike storage if you don’t already have an area you can repurpose. And even if you do, upgrading the space to maximise safety can also seem expensive and time-consuming.

However, grant schemes are in place to help, including the ‘Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland MTB Secure Storage Grant Scheme’, which offers up to £500 for accommodation providers in Scotland.

Cafés & Restaurants: Though overnight storage won’t be required, riders will always want to ensure that their bikes are safe and secure while they relax and refuel.

Consider providing a securely fixed bike rack or Birmingham bars concreted or bolted into the ground, with highly rated free locks to put their minds at ease.

Bike Storage Essentials

Though the maximum level of security is preferred, providing a secure and lockable area is a big step forward. Where possible, the storage area should:

  • Be secure and lockable – this should include a robust door such as a PAS 024 SBD approved door or an LPS 1175 Security rated 2 or 3 door
  • Provide the appropriate amount of clearance internally to avoid damage to bikes
  • Be located in a convenient, easily accessible, well surveyed and well-lit area
  • Be dry with no risk of leaks or flooding
  • Include free, personal high quality – Police approved bike locking

Level Up your Bike Storage!

If you want to amp up your security, you can implement a range of measures for complete peace of mind. This can include:

  • Lockers to store equipment

  • Police Secured By Design or ‘Sold Secure’ Silver – Gold or Platinum Rated ground anchors / fixing points.

  • CCTV – a good quality system that has been installed to provide identifiable images at all times under all conditions.

  • Steel reinforced doors – LPS 1175 Security Rated 2 or 3 doors (Loss Prevention Standards)

  • An alarm system – an approved alarm system linked to either a responder or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

  • Lighting - ensure that the secure area is well lit. A motion sensor light is ideal for this purpose.

Guests could also be encouraged to sign up to the Police Approved ‘Bike Register’ operated by SelectaMark™ which has national coverage and is linked to Police Systems.

Secure Bike Storage Grants

It is fantastic to see the economic agencies in South of Scotland and the Highlands develop schemes to significantly support businesses to improve their offer.

Please read the application and guidance notes relating to the grants.

South of Scotland Enterprise's Cycling Infrastructure Fund (now open)

Highlands and Islands Enterprise Cycling Tourism Facilities Fund (currently paused)

- apply here for the Aberdeenshire Scheme (currently paused)

We, Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland, secure funding from regional economic development funds. We will be applying for more funding, if you would like to see this scheme running in your area then please send an email to us at

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