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Laundry & Cleaning

If you or your staff have spent the day cleaning and polishing, a mud-and-rain-soaked rider strolling up the path can be a worrying sight.

However, by putting a few things in place, you can avoid diverting them to the service entrance or hosing them down before entry!


How can you help?

Ensuring a positive experience for your guests, whatever state they come back in after a long day of hitting the trails, is key.

By implementing small measures on their immediate return, you can ensure they feel more comfortable from the minute they step back through your doors and maintain the cleanliness of your accommodation for all other guests.

Cafés & Restaurants: It may not be showers and laundry that your visitors are looking for when they step onto your premises. But providing basic facilities where riders can clean their shoes and hang up any wet outerwear can improve their experience and help prevent more cleaning for you and your staff.

Laundry & Cleaning Essentials

Some of the essential items you can provide for mountain biking guests can benefit all your other guests, especially hikers, trail runners, skiers or snowboarders.

Basic considerations can include:

  • Easy-to-clean flooring and upholstery

  • Plastic buckets/large plastic bags for wet kit, shoes and outerwear

  • Clean towels for drying off

  • Offering to wash and dry clothes ready for the next morning (paid-for service)

Level Up your Laundry & Cleaning Facilities

If you want to give all your adventure sports guests a five-star experience, you can also consider providing a few more options for their comfort.

This can include:

  • A drying room with a dehumidifier

  • A shoe/boot warmer rack

  • Showers located immediately within the premises

  • Lockers with individual keys

  • Washing machines and tumble dryers

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