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Bike Washing Facilities

Riders and their bikes see it all. And we’re not just talking about breathtaking scenery.

Used to battling the elements, mountain bikers are rarely put off by a spot of “bad weather”. So that glistening bike that ventured out in the early hours of the morning often ends up completely caked in mud and will need to be cleaned before venturing out on the trails again the next day.

Removing the built-up dirt and grime keeps a bike’s components running smoothly and prevents any mechanical problems, allowing your guest to continue their biking holiday free of issues!


How can your business help?

We’ve provided some suggestions for what you’ll need to help your mountain bike guests. And your local bike shop will be happy to help you gather the best products.

Cafés & Restaurants: You may expect bike washing facilities to be just for hotels. However, cafés and restaurants can also contribute to the rider's experience by providing facilities for hosing down bikes or muddy shoes before they indulge in a spot of coffee and that all-important cake!

Bike Washing Essentials

You’ll need a small external area (around 4 sqm), giving the rider enough room to clean their bike and rinse it off with a hose. Ideally, the area will be sheltered from any cold winds.

In your bike washing area, include:

  • A hose, ideally with a jet nozzle (cold water is fine)
  • Basic cleaning products
  • A brush
  • A sponge
  • Some drainage

Level Up!

Though basic facilities are excellent, adding extra elements to your bike washing area can set you apart. Most of the items listed below can be sourced from your local bike shop.

These can include:

  • Hot water with a bucket and soap
  • A wide range of cleaning brushes, specifically for wheels, chains, sprockets, spokes, discs and hard to reach areas
  • A variety of bike lubes for dry and wet conditions
  • Water displacer products to prevent rust and corrosion

More Information

Considering installing a bike wash? Take a look at how Ravenscraig Guest House provides mountain bikers with everything they need after a muddy day on the trails.

And don't forget to take our self-assessment questionnaire to see how your current services measure up.

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