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Advice for Cafés & Restaurants

You always remember a great café or restaurant, and mountain bike tourists are no different.

By making some minor tweaks, you can cater to the growing MTB tourism market and provide a memorable experience that will prompt word-of-mouth recommendations and return visits.

Secure bike storage

When they're just dropping in for a quick meal or snack, mountain bikers won't need overnight storage.

But riders will still want to know that their bikes are safe and secure while they enjoy some delicious grub.

A bike rack with free locks can help put their minds at ease.

For more information, visit our 'Secure Bike Storage' advice.

Laundry & Cleaning

So it might be quite a big ask for MTB visitors to expect laundry facilities in your dining establishment, but that doesn't mean you can't provide them with some amenities to make their visit more comfortable.

Offering basic facilities where riders can clean their shoes and hang up any wet outerwear can help them enjoy their experience with you (and it means you avoid more cleaning when they leave!)

For more information, visit our 'Laundry & Cleaning' advice.

Bike Maintenance

Having a few essential tools on hand can be a lifesaver for riders who find themselves in need of assistance.

Consider keeping a basic puncture kit and small selection of screwdrivers and hex keys on the premises to help out those who run into issues on their ride.

For more information, visit our 'Bike Maintenance' advice.

Bike Washing

Bike washing facilities don't just have to be for hotels.

Some cloths and access to water can help riders keen their bikes spick-and-span. Think of it as "a cake and a clean".

For more information, visit our 'Bike Washing Facilities' advice.

Food & Drink

Fuelling up with suitable meals and snacks ahead of, during, and after a day of mountain biking is essential.

From mid-ride stops for snacks to ravenous riders looking for a hearty meal after a long day on the trails, a successful bike ride hinges on riders being sufficiently fed and watered.

By making a few small menu tweaks, your business can offer a spread suitable for any rider. This might include:

  • Snacks that are high in protein

  • Homemade sweet treats for a burst of energy

  • Freshly brewed, high-quality coffee

  • Hearty meals comprising protein, carbohydrates and fresh veggies (a vegan option is also good to have too)

  • Lighter lunch options including sandwiches, toasties, and paninis ideal for a mid-ride break

  • Local craft beers, spirits (local gins and whiskies), and non-alcoholic drinks

For more information, visit our 'Rest & Relaxation' advice.

Local Knowledge

Don't know that much about local MTB trails? No problem! Even providing some basic information or signposting guests to relevant resources will help.

For example, you could direct them to:

  • Maps of mountain bike trails and road routes

  • Local bike shops and bike hire facilities

  • Local guiding companies

For more information, visit our 'Local Knowledge' advice.

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