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Advice for Accommodation Providers

An essential part of a fantastic cycling holiday is the standard of accommodation offered to cyclists. So are there changes you could make to ensure your MTB guests' stays are memorable for all the right reasons?

Secure Bike Storage

After a long day on the trails, it's time for your guests to rest.

And they'll rest easier knowing that their bike is safely and securely stored.

Providing lockable bike storage helps differentiate your business by providing a valuable service for MTB tourists. Plus, it can also be used by guests participating in other outdoor activities.

For more information visit our 'Secure Bike Storage' advice.

Laundry and Cleaning

Mountain biking is an all-weather sport. So it can be a little worrying when you see a rain-and-mud-soaked rider strolling toward your reception area. However, there's no need to divert them to the service entrance or hose them down before they come in.

Providing a few laundry and cleaning essentials will not only benefit your mountain biking guests but also those taking part in other outdoor pursuits.

For more information visit our 'Laundry and Cleaning' advice.

Bike Washing Facilities

It's not just riders who might need a good wash after returning from the trails!

Bikes can return caked in mud and grime which, left unchecked, can lead to mechanical problems.

Help your MTB tourists keep their bikes running smoothly by providing some essential washing items such as a hose with a jet nozzle, basic cleaning products and some sponges.

For more information visit our 'Bike Washing' advice.

Bike Maintenance

You don't need a mechanic's workshop worth of kit to help out riders who find themselves short of maintenance tools.

A track pump to inflate tyres and a small selection of screwdrivers and hex keys can really help out riders who find themselves in a bind.

And if you want to offer even more, your local bike shop can help you find all the equipment you need.

For more information visit our 'Bike Maintenance' advice.

Local Knowledge

Whether you're equipped with an encyclopaedic knowledge of your local area, or you need some help from maps and brochures, having tips and resources ready for your guests can help them discover even more about what your local area has to offer.

Consider having maps, local restaurant flyers and information about local MTB businesses on hand to supplement your own knowledge.

And if you have some tips for mountain bikers based on your own experiences, be sure to share them with your visitors.

For more information visit our 'Local Knowledge' advice.

Rest & Relaxation

Mountain biking may be fun, but it can also put tremendous strain on the body.

That's why it's essential that your guests indulge in some R&R during their stay with you. This could just be enjoying a hearty meal and a wee dram, or it could be getting the benefit of a post-ride sports massage to soothe aching muscles.

Providing opportunities for some R&R sets up your MTB tourists for another day of cycling (or just for the journey home).

For more information visit our 'Rest & Relaxation' advice.

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